Your pack shipment

Packages are generally dispatched within 1 days after receipt of payment and are shipped via Italian Post and Bartolini with tracking and drop-off without signature. Any type of foreign shipping you choose, we will provide a link to track your package online.

Shipping costs include the costs of running foreign and packing and shipping charges. The operating costs are fixed, and vary according to the country of arrival. It will be shown during checkout. We advise you to group your items in one order. Your package will be sent insured but our advice is to always sign with reserve, especially if the package is damaged or not in good condition.

Boxes are amply sized and your items are adequately large well protected.

Delivery Time

The term "delivery" is the time to send the product from our office to your home. Shipments to foreign countries usually appear 4 to 16 days from the time notice of shipment to the carrier (excluding holidays). The times listed above are estimates and may vary according to the distance from Italy (our head office costs), the period of low or high season, depending on the time of Holidays and / or depending on the destination to reach. Anyway Ballantrae Shop is not liable for any delays due to the carrier and / or the customer.

Foreign Shipments

Choose the delivery method that provides "Foreign Shipping", please enter the destination country and the main data which make the delivery.

The shipments for abroad are carried out through Italian and each target country has a cost and different delivery times:

DESTINATION                                              COST                     DELIVERY TIME (IN DAYS)

EUROPEAN COUNTRIES:                                 € 18                                       2-4 Days

COUNTRIES (EXTRA EUROPE)                         € 26                               4-12 Days

AFRICA                                                             € 23                                     8-26 Days

ASIA                                                                 € 23                                     8-26 Days

CENTRAL AMERICA                                          € 23                                      10-24 Days

NORTH AMERICA                                              € 23                                      8-24 Days

OCEANIA                                                           € 23                                     10-24 Days

SOUTH AMERICA                                              € 23                                      10-24 Days

Ballantrae Shop is not responsible for any delays caused by operations, customs controls, strikes or acts attributable to the courier and/or the customer.

For any further information request please contact us through the "Contact Us” us form

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